We Want Your Vape Testimony!

Posted on 27 September 2016

Hey guys! The media focus on vaping generally is centered around the stories that “hype” up the risks of improper mod use (ie. mods blowing up in people’s hands, cars, etc). In addition, most non-vapers perceive our community as a bunch of inconsiderate young 20-somethings who just have no regard for those around them. So here’s where we come in.

The team at Valor Vapor are working to capture a different narrative that is often glossed over. We want to highlight how helpful vaping can be for those who have struggled with a lifelong smoking habit when nothing else has worked. ATTN ALL EX-LIFELONG SMOKERS: WE WANT YOUR STORY!

Ideally, we’re looking for 40+ yr old vapers who previously struggled with kicking the habit. We will be shooting a short video for each person we interview (about 60-90 sec). Your testimonial will potentially be featured on our website and even possibly used to show legislators in our state that not all vapers fall into the stereotype perpetuated by the media. It may also be used in marketing material to inspire others who are struggling to making the switch when other methods have failed. We will be collecting and shooting testimonials at the Valor Vapor Tempe location on Friday and the Valor Vapor Thunderbird location on Saturday! In addition to your much appreciated involvement in this project, we’d like to offer each customer in our footage 50% off 1 bottle of juice!

We stand with you all and will fight to the end to ensure our industry is not cannibalized by Big Tobacco companies hedging their bets. Thank you for all your support, you guys are awesome!

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