Vision Spinner 2

Posted on 04 June 2015

The “pen stick” battery has been a staple in the vaping industry since the beginning. All of us that have been vaping for years have found memories of when this battery was at the forefront of vaping technology. As the vaping industry has continued to evolve, users now have a wide selection of devices and equipment to choose from. Even as the market opens up to new products and new ideas, the eGo battery remains a standard within the industry. Unlike the earlier models that only had a single power setting, the 1600 mAh Vision Spinner 2 battery is equipped with a variable voltage output that allows a user to select the right amount of power.

When discussing variable voltage eGo batteries, the Vision Spinner 2 is the premier choice. This device is equipped with many well designed features that give the Spinner 2 a distinct advantage over the competition. The upgraded firing button is equipped with a color-changing charge indicator that will display white while the battery is 60% – 100% a blue light will display when a battery is 30% – 60%, and a orange light will display when the battery is between 0% – 30%. The Spinner 2 also benefits from improvements that have been made to the PCB Control Board.

Some of the other intelligent features that can be found on the Vision Spinner 2 include a more comfortable and ergonomic spin dial that is designed to provide easy adjusting of the voltage. The Spinner 2 is equipped with a new, longer lasting battery cell that makes this product more powerful than the earlier addition. The combination of improved PCB circuitry and upgraded battery cell give the Spinner 2 the highest quality, longest latest battery to date that allows for several hours of use on a single charge.

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