Vaping Regulation Update

Posted on 08 January 2020

Its been a wild and tumultuous ride for the vape industry to close out 2019. We had the false narrative about all vape related products causing illnesses and deaths. Thankfully the CDC conclusively came out and said that 48 of the 51 samples they tested had Vitamin E acetate, which is a harmful ingredient to inhale if vaporized. Unfortunately this gave the mainstream media and health groups a platform to attack everything vape related, rather than accurately targeting the illicit THC cartridges that were really the cause.

Then on December 21st the FDA rolled out Tobacco 21 on a federal level with no roll out date or grandfather for those individuals who were over 18 but under 21 when the regulation was announced. Imagine being 20 years old and buying a nicotine product on December 20th and then the next day being told you have to wait until 21. Either way, the industry has adapted and complied for the well being of our market long term.

Then on New Years Eve the FDA finalized their enforcement policy regarding flavored nicotine products. This will rightfully be targeting the products that started the "Youth Epidemic." It will include closed end pod devices that already have liquid pre filled in the cartridge such as JUUL, Juno, MyBlu, etc.

This is ultimately a win for the Vape industry though as the open fill systems, which makes up most of the industry for the small businesses across the country, will be able to continue selling flavored nicotine products. This is crucial because flavors have helped THOUSANDS of smokers successfully quit smoking via vaping. Information and education is essential in this industry, to our consumers, and ultimately the general public. 

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