Valor Vapor Premium Line

Posted on 10 February 2017

Over the last several months we have been working on this project. We wanted to take some of our best juices and give them their due with a fresh presentation. The newly re branded Valor Vapor premium line is unique in its appearance and flavor profile while being some of the best taken/reviewed juices. The labels themselves can quite literally tell you the flavor profile with the dancing icons around each flavor name!

Bombae was developed by 2 of our staff who wanted a complex fruit blend unlike anything they had tried before; Bombae delivers with a Guava & Pear base of a complex profile.

Mirage was the brain child of another manager of ours who enjoyed a flavor we used to carry called Paradise. The secret here was the Cactus which provides such a unique flavor profile. Add in some melons, pineapple, and more and its truly an All Day fruit vape. 

Monkey Nuts is one of the classic staples for Valor Vapor. It won best flavor in show back in 2014 at the Vape Dynasty Expo here in Phoenix. It's an all time favorite and truly a savory vape that doesn't give you vape tongue or kill coils like so many other similar flavors out there do.

Pucker CK took a famous lemon cheesecake recipe of ours and made it even better! These flavors can be hit or miss and we made sure to hit a home run here for the desert lovers out there.

Supernova is one of our original fruit blends we concocted around the inception of this company (2013). It is the epitome of a flavor representing "if it aint broke dont fix it!" More of a simple but still stellar fruit blend. 

We are still in the midst of creating back stock for this new line at Sonoran Vape but these lovely juices have already started hitting the shelves. If you know of a shop or distribution that would see the same high value as we do please send them our way, or email at We look forward to getting this out to as many people as possible to share the enjoyment of these as much as we do!

You can currently find these flavors at any of our stores in the AZ valley; Gilbert (Cooper & Warner), Tempe (Kyrene & Warner), and Phoenix (I17 & Thunderbird).

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