Time to Take Action and Protect Your Rights

Posted on 18 November 2015

Anyone that thinks the industry killing legislation that is currently being considered is a bunch of hype is sadly mistaken. These threats to our ability to enjoy these life saving products are real. Unless we take action and make our voices heard, the industry as we know it will be eliminated. Big tobacco is using their power and influence on Capitol Hill to reduce this industry back to its infancy. If this happens, over 90% of all of the products that you currently enjoy will be removed from store shelves. Vape shops across the country will be forced to close their doors and smoking laws will now apply to anyone that is vaping. This will grossly limit where and how you will be able to use and enjoy your vaping products.

Make sure that you take the time to write your senators and congressmen and let them know how vaping has helped to improve your life. Take the time to share your stories and get them to understand that vaping deserves to be treated differently. Without a doubt, the current threat against our industry is real. You owe it to yourself and everyone you know that enjoys these lifesaving products to take action and make sure that we are able to stop this industry killing legislation from taking place.

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