Nautilus Aspire

Posted on 29 March 2015

Nautilus captured the vaping world by storm by actually creating a tank system that lived up to its hype. The Aspire is a wonderful innovation that uses a 5ml Pyrex tank that rests directly above an air flow control system that has four adjustable settings. These settings allow the user to control the amount of air flow as well as the amount of e-Liquid that crosses the coil head. This unique atomizer provides for a vaping experience that is absolutely unmatched by any other product in its class. Those that have yet to make the jump to a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) will definitely notice the difference that the Nautilus Aspire makes.

Other nice features that are involved with this product definitely include presentation. Your purchase is packaged in a very stylish box that includes a spare replaceable dual bottom coil (the tank has a second coil pre-installed) along with a wide ego cone cover that helps to support your tank while covering your threads. The tank itself is a replaceable Pyrex tank that can be substituted for a metal tank (purchased separately). There are pros and cons associated with each tank, the glass tank could possibly break where the metal tank will not. The metal tank is not see-through and this can make it hard to tell how much juice you have left in your tank. The 5ml tank does allow for plenty of juice and should be sufficient for most users to leave the house without having to worry about refill.

What truly sets this device apart is the usability of this product. The filling of the tank is easy to achieve and is done by unscrewing the tank from the base and making sure that you only fill to the “Max” level that is clearly printed on the glass. When it is time to change the Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC), the coil simply unscrews without any problems. The functionality and usability of this product is truly what makes the difference.

It seems that almost every piece of hardware that is being designed for vaping contains quirks. It seems that the large majority of products have some sort of setback, downside, or trick that must be performed in order to use these items. The Nautilus Aspire just plain works! This is what makes the biggest difference between the Aspire and all of its competition. Matched with a very reasonable purchase price and extremely inexpensive replacement coils, the Nautilus Aspire is a product that will definitely be around for some time.

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