LE80 BY Lotus

Posted on 30 July 2015

One of the main downsides to any breakthrough in technology seems to be a rash of sub-par products that are attempting to ride the wave of popularity that is associated with the latest trend. This can make it very hard for the consumer to differentiate between a high quality product and the latest gimmick to hit the market. When it comes to temperature controlled box mods, the LE80 by Lotus is the real deal. This is a very practical and durable item with a favorable price point that makes this temperature controlled device a smart choice for anyone that is seeking the latest technology available in vaping culture.

When compared against other “HEX” devices, the LE80 provides a very comfortable design that involves intelligent button placement that helps create a more enjoyable experience. Voltage is adjusted on the LE80 through a rotating knob that allows for adjustments from 3.3 to 6.1 volts. This device will require usage of two 30 amp or higher lithium ion 18650 batteries. While the resistance that is offered from this device exceeds the industry standard by offering 0.2ohms, it would be nice to see a product hit the market that allows for super sub-ohm activity.

The LE80 may seem rather plain to some, it’s the gimmick free simplicity of this device that makes it so special. If you are looking for a no-nonsense temperature controlled box mod that is durable and cost effective, this is definitely the device that you have been looking for.

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