Larry Faircloth & Valor Vapor Fighting For You!

Posted on 31 August 2016

This past Saturday on August 27th we were very fortunate to have Mr. Faircloth at our Valor Vapor location off Thunderbird & I17. He spoke with the crowd about the current landscape of our vaping industry and what exactly their fight is going forward. To briefly summarize, him and his team are making 2 cases against the FDA which are highly plausible for success. The first point has to do with State rights & the 10th Amendment. If a State already has a law on the books regarding an industry (e.g. 18+ for purchasing vapes) then it is within the states rights and power to regulate that industry on a state level outside of the FDA reach. The second point, which in our opinion is brilliant, is the usage of the FDA’s own data against themselves. Essentially the FDA has created the precedent for their deeming regulations based on “their” data. Larry and his team have used this same data to project the healthcare costs if a significant number of current vapers were to fall back into traditional tobacco deliveries because of vaping regulations. If they agree then they are essentially admitting that they don’t have public health and public costs in mind with their regulations. If they attempt to deny the findings then it simply proves THEIR OWN DATA IS WRONG! We will keep you updated as more & more shakes out over the coming weeks and months for Valor Vapor, our industry, and the FDA. There is a significant lawsuit with NicoPure and other companies that should be getting underway in Mid October.

Please also check out these links for more resources and to get involved! At our event we were signing up people for the “A Billion Lives” movie to be aired in Phoenix, AZ.

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