Kanger Subox Mini

Posted on 03 June 2015

When it comes to demanding attention, the Kanger Subox Mini definitely steals the show. This is one of the best looking mini box mods to hit the market. The sleek styling of the Subox is impressive in any color with the show-stopping standouts being the black and red two-toned Black Edition and the storm trooper looking White Edition. This incredibly attractive single 18650 regulated box mod is matched to a stunning Subtank mini that utilizes a chimney style vertical coil that is available in 0.5 and 1.5 ohm resistance. With its model good looks and compact shape, it is hard not to want to show it off to anyone that is willing to look. When you are carrying this around… they are looking!

It’s one thing to be pretty, it’s another thing all together to be good looking and powerful, a feat that the Kanger Subox Mini pulls off with ease. Power is easily delivered to the tune of 50 watts with the ability to sub ohm down to 0.3 ohms. This raw display of power is matched brilliantly to an easy-to-see both inside and out, white OLED readout. Other improvements that are featured on the updated version of the bestselling single 18650 regulated box mod in history include a smartly placed side-mounted micro-USB capable of delivering a pass-through charge. For ease and convenience, the Subox has been fitted with a magnetic battery cover that allows for removing batteries with ease.

While the Subtank coils are definitely up for the task, Kanger has equipped the Mini with a new and improved RBA base option that provides plenty of room to build with much larger wicking holes than what was found on previous models. When it comes to being able to get the job done while looking sexy at the same time, the Kanger Subox Mini is at the head of the class!

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