Congressman Hunter Proud Vape Supporter

Posted on 23 December 2015

While it may seem at times as if everyone on Capitol Hill is working against the vaping industry, California Rep. Duncan Hunter proudly displays his support and use of these lifesaving devices. Duncan sent a letter earlier this week to e-cigarette opponent and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi advocating on behalf of the vaping industry and in opposition of pending legislation.

“Yes, I vape – as do millions of other Americans,” Hunter stated in his letter to the House Minority Leader. “And why do I vape? It is because it prevents me from smoking the real thing.” Duncan went on to say, “E-Cigarettes are a suitable alternative to cigarettes, and they could very well save my life, as well as the lives of so many Americans who are making their best effort to quit cigarettes,” Hunter explained.

Duncan’s support for the e-cigarette industry comes at a very crucial time when the industry is bracing for potential legislation that could completely change our ability to enjoy our vaping devices to include our ability to purchase e-liquid from Valor Vapor. Those that appreciate the ability to vape and value the importance of being able to use these life saving devices need to make your voice heard before it is too late. Anyone that is looking for more information on what they can do to make a difference can stop by Valor Vapor at either the Tempe location or our newest store “T-Bird.” Our staff will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction and provide you with the information that you will need.

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