Clearomizers vs. Cartomizer Tanks

Posted on 15 July 2014

Clearomizers VS Cartomizers: Which is for you?

Cartomizers and clearomizers are two great options for the every day vaper. While different, each offer their own different vaping pros and cons. Here is a look at the definition and breakdown of each of these different “tank style” vaping options.

Clearomizers are the fundamental piece to the success of personal vaporizers, and for many, the first step in a journey to a wonderful and joyous hobby. The tanks of clearomizers are often clear or contain clear windows for measuring and maintaining level of e-liquid. A good example of this is the Kanger T3S. This allows clearomizer users to easily maintain and clean their tanks and makes them easier to refill. The wicking material in the atomizer or coil of these clearomizers can be long and hang from the top, or be short and sit at the bottom. The iClear30 is a popular top hanging wick option.

Clearomizers create good vapor production as well as a good throat hit. Overall they also create a cooler vapor and an overall cooler vapor. However, clearomizers can sometimes hiss or gurgle from flooding. Other cons include needing to keep the moist to prevent burning and leakage from cracks or lack of tightening.

Cartomizers on the other hand are built a bit differently. Cartos as they’re called, are most often built in metal tubes using a vertical coil that runs from the bottom of the tube to the top. Inside the tube and surrounding the coil is a polyfill material. This is what absorbs the juice that is vaporized upon connection. This tube is usually contained within a tank similar to clearomizers. The tube is inserted into the tank that is then also filled with e-liquid. The polyfill is then kept saturated by this liquid in the tank that acts as a reservoir. Cartomizers are thought by some to give better flavor, throat hit, and vapor production. The downfall of using cartos is that they must be primed before use. This means the polyfill must first be saturated before use. Furthermore, filling the carto can make more of a mess than simply filling a clearomizer.

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