Clearomizers and Tanks: How many is a good number?

Posted on 14 June 2014

I can personally attest to the ability and luxury of have multiple tanks in a vape box that makes for seamless transitions from a savory Belgian Waffle to start your morning to a refreshing Raspberry Lemonade at lunch. The obvious issue with the freedom to do such is not having the hardware to do so. Nobody wants to empty out their tank with one flavor wasted if they are in the mood for another. Another issue is flavors that don’t particularly complement each other and leaving residual flavors in the tank and wicks/coils when transitioning from flavor A to flavor B. Then you have flavors out there that completely take over the tank as their own and really should be treated independently from the array of other flavors. Examples of these flavors would be cinnamons, menthols, or even the combination of the two such as Fire & Ice. You ideally would want these kinds of flavors to be in glass tanks like the Kanger Protank.

It should be noted that when dealing with flavors of the same genre it can be tasty and fun to cycle through related flavors in a tank. For example going from a fruit flavor like Sweet Moro to Supernova could yield very enjoyable outcomes. It also allows you to play mixologist from a personal perspective taking a tank and filling it 50% with one flavor and 50% with another.

The final point to be made is regarding the lifestyle and habits of a vaper. A backup tank is a wise move to hedge the risk for someone in a field like construction or an auto mechanic. Things unforeseeably happen to us from time to time and it is advised to be well prepared in such situations. Depending on the style tank, one fall onto pavement may put a crack in it leaving you with a compromised tank.

So the overall take away is the personal choice and analysis for backup tanks, and how many you feel would be adequate dependent upon tendencies and lifestyle. There is no necessary right and wrong way to vape which is part of the beauty in the industry and experience. Through personal experiences and the learning curve these words simply offer guidance to those questioning and wanting recommendations.

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