Benefits of Vaping Max VG

Posted on 15 September 2015

Anyone that has been around vaping for any period of time has become familiar with premium e-liquids that are made from a max VG blend. The term max VG is used to describe an e-liquid product that displays a 70/30 (or higher) blend of VG and PG. Originally, e-liquids were manufactured with a blend that was closer to a 50/50 mix. As dripping became more popular and hardware advancements were made, the demand for e-liquid that was capable of delivering thick clouds of vapor began to grow. The desire for a max VG product was also met by a growing intolerance for PG. PG was originally believed to deliver a higher flavor quality along with mimicking the “throat hit” of a cigarette. Time has proven that high quality VG products are able to deliver superior flavor without the scratchiness that is associated with PG. As with anything that involves vaping, there are definite advantages and disadvantages associated with max VG. These e-liquids are the preferred choice for those that drip, the juice is made from a thicker consistency that produces mixed results with tank users. A key part of being able to get the results that you are looking for is to understand the limitations of your equipment so that you are able to create product a combination that is designed to produce the desired outcome.

Those that are using a rebuildable dripping atomizer or RDA are definitely going to appreciate the advantages that are associated with using max VG e-liquid. This is the best and most effective way for you to satisfy your inner cloud chaser while being able to enjoy top-notch flavor. It is very important to understand that not all e-liquid is the same. Make sure that you are using product that is made from the highest quality ingredients such as all of the products from Valor Vapor’s premium line of e-liquids cleverly titled “Top Shelf.” All of these flavors are made from super concentrates and extracts that deliver a unique experience that is unmatched by any other product being offered today. All of these e-liquids contain 20% flavor that is then filled with 100% VG to create a very attractive 80/20 blend. The only exception to this rule is the award winning “Monkey Nuts” premium e-liquid that contains a very complex flavor blend that requires a bit more bottle space resulting in a 70/30 combination. All of the “Top Shelf” premium e-liquids are packaged in a very attractive, square, 30ml glass bottle and are available at both the T-Bird and Tempe locations for the very low price of just $20.

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