ATTENTION: Our Industry is Under Attack!

Posted on 28 October 2015

While the title of this article may seem a little dramatic and it may seem as if those in the industry are continuously talking about new regulation that will dramatically change the way that we are able to enjoy a smoke free life, you need to understand that the worst possible scenario is on the horizon. There are several key factors in play that suggest over 90% of the e-cigarette products that are currently on the market will be gone in less than two years. The first hard piece of evidence to suggest that the FDA is about to impose legislation that will revert this industry back to its infancy can be found in a leaked copy of the table of contents for the FDA’s upcoming decision. This document suggests that the FDA is planning to go forward with all of its previously discussed intentions. If this happens, the vaping industry will be reduced to 1st gen cartridge devices only. All of your RDAs and temperature controlled devices will be GONE! Your ability to purchase high-quality premium e-liquid from Valor Vapor will be GONE! In short, almost all of the vapor shops across the country will close. There will not be a black market and your ability to continue using the life-saving products that you currently enjoy will be gone.

Yesterday, on October 27, a horrible organization that does not understand anything (Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids or CTFK) petitioned the president to pressure the FDA to finalize these punishing regulations. Unfortunately, this organization and other similar programs are well funded from the $246 billion dollars in settlement money that big tobacco has to pay as a result of the 1998 Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement and have the money available to push their agendas. In short, the 400lb gorilla in the room is making a lot of noise and if we do not take action that beast is going to eat us alive! Everyone that is smart enough to see and understand how much of a difference vaping has made in their lives will need to get behind and support HR2058 as soon as possible. It is time to contact your local senator immediately. Make sure that you express to them how import it is for them to get behind HR2058. The thirty minutes that you spend writing an email that explains how vaping has changed your life could save an entire industry. Once you are done with your email, the next step that you need to take is to contact the White House. Yes, that White House. Call the White House and let them know that vaping is not a crime. For all of you that don’t have the number to the president, its 202-456-1111.

If we do not take action as soon as possible we are going to lose our right to enjoy these life saving products.

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