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Arizona Smoke Free Alliance visits the state capitol!

Posted on 20 November 2019

Local business owners and stakeholders in the vape industry showed up at the Arizona state capitol yesterday afternoon. It was a successful trip with the local advocates in ensuring Vapers voices are heard!

Arizona Senator for District 15, Heather Carter, is back at it again trying to pass her own ambitious legislation to regulate vaping. We wanted to make sure both sides of the issues were heard and understood. 

The frustrating point is that decision makers and those passing judgment want to lump everything vape related together, when in fact thats lazy and dangerous. JUUL is a huge variable because they introduced a product to the market several years ago that set a high standard for Nicotine levels at 50mg/ml. Their products then became accessible at virtually every convenient store around the country. This is problem #1 when looking at roots to the "youth vaping epidemic."

The 2nd issue is with the wave of illnesses and deaths associated with vaping thus far in 2019. The CDC has even come out and said that Vitamin E acetate has been found in all the samples they've tested since looking further into this outbreak. (LINK) This ingredient is being used by black market drug dealers in THC based cartridges. Unfortunately its allowed for an "easy" target to be set up for anything vape related. 

Officials claim they do not know what is in Nicotine Eliquid. In reality, every legitimate juice manufacturer had to submit ingredient paperwork to the FDA by November of 2018 - maybe they haven't had the time to look through the tens of thousands of submissions? The bottom line is you will see the same ingredients in probably every submission - Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine, and Natural/Artifical food flavoring. 

I write this post today greatly concerned about the potential lives being lost to cigarette use when we have helped thousands of people quit smoking with the use of vaping. We NEVER want to see our products in the hands of underage consumers, and vape products being carried in convenience stores have helped them gain access. Please gather information and educate yourselves and others on the matter at hand rather than believing the Main Stream Media headlines about vaping being a death sentence. There are even millions of more dollars behind the scenes regarding State Revenue and big tobacco's Master Settlement from the 90's. Bottom line is some states are hurting for tax dollars because smoking is decreasing and vaping has increased! 

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